Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's to Wendy's

Well Monday I worked and by the time I got home around 5 I figured I had better find something for dinner. Well in the freezer was one of those Fruschetta Pizza's that we'd had before and was pretty good as far as frozen pizza goes. It was portobello mushroom and spinach with white sauce. Jeff came home and did the mmm smells good. We sat down to eat and Molly was first to say "ewww take this off (the spinach) it doesn't taste good." Well as the mom I started to tell her it was good and to just eat it. I got to the "Molly, it is good.." and stopped. It wasn't good it was terrible and said "I don't blame you." Jeff agreed and it was into the car and off to the Wendy's!


AMES said...

Ha Ha! At least you had a good reason to go to Wendy's. I go just cuz I'm too dang lazy to make dinner. At least you made an attempt. ;) Hope you guys are well.

Jen said...

NOthing wrong with a good burger! Congrats on baby!!! So are you wanting Wendys?