Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EASY AS PIE! Cookie Dough Pie

The question was asked a few times....what kind of cookie dough is in this. Actually none. This is sooo easy and soooo good. I found this recipe on It has some great recipes so check it out since I am total slacker! Here is the recipe...such a great summer treat!

Cookie Dough Pie

15.25 ounce package Chips Ahoy Cookies- Original kind

8-12 ounces Cool Whip- I used 8 ounces

1-2 cups milk*

Quickly dip cookies in milk, shake off excess liquid, and layer in 9 inch pie plate, breaking cookies to fill any gaps. Once the first layer is complete, top with a thin layer of Cool Whip. Repeat twice more making last layer of Cool Whip a bit thicker. Garnish with chocolate syrup if desired. Place in freezer 2-3 hours before serving. Serves 6-8.

I drizzled warm carmel over my slices when I served it. YUMMY!

*You really won't use all that milk but need it to dunk the cookies all the way.

Thanks to the Big Red Kitchen for the photo!