Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EASY AS PIE! Cookie Dough Pie

The question was asked a few times....what kind of cookie dough is in this. Actually none. This is sooo easy and soooo good. I found this recipe on It has some great recipes so check it out since I am total slacker! Here is the recipe...such a great summer treat!

Cookie Dough Pie

15.25 ounce package Chips Ahoy Cookies- Original kind

8-12 ounces Cool Whip- I used 8 ounces

1-2 cups milk*

Quickly dip cookies in milk, shake off excess liquid, and layer in 9 inch pie plate, breaking cookies to fill any gaps. Once the first layer is complete, top with a thin layer of Cool Whip. Repeat twice more making last layer of Cool Whip a bit thicker. Garnish with chocolate syrup if desired. Place in freezer 2-3 hours before serving. Serves 6-8.

I drizzled warm carmel over my slices when I served it. YUMMY!

*You really won't use all that milk but need it to dunk the cookies all the way.

Thanks to the Big Red Kitchen for the photo!

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Melodrama Mama said...

I think that I gain weight just by looking at the pictures on your blog! It was so good to see you, and hold little Sam! Our trip is going to be so much fun!